GALERIE Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc Equitem2013

GALERIE Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc Equitem2013

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Heidi Barrett


Howell Mountain


18 months in AmericanOak(22%new)


February 8,2011


This wine exhibit Heidi's winemaking style of perfect balance. This makes the wines a wonderful match with food, but also allows for long term cellar aging. The 2009 Zinfandel doesn't need any further aging but will in fact continue to drink as it does today for another five years. This exhibit the mountain characteristic of mineral, with very evident, but soft tannins. The vineyard sits at 2200 ft elevation and is one of the highest vineyards in the Howell Mountain Appellation. “Deep black raspberry in color with wide open aromas of wonderful Howell Mountain ripe fruit. The nose is loaded with jammy raspberry, spice, black pepper, currants, and hints of toast & vanilla. The flavors are very consistent with the aromas and the impression on the palate is one of richness, ripe fruit and an overall silky mouth feel. The structure is big, but not tannic or aggressive, and the finish has a bit of warmth and good length. This is an easy to drink, easy to love zin!” Grape farming is always interesting and 2009 was no exception. We had a normal bud break on April 3rd, followed by four weeks of very mild temperatures. Mother Nature began her trickery in early May with four inches of rain on May 5th. The latter part of May was quite normal on Howell Mountain with days reaching 80 degrees. As the summer months passed we had several days where the temperatures broke the 100 degree mark; because we had left the canopy full, sunburn was not a problem. Veraison and ripening were right on schedule, culminating with harvest on September 19th. The fruit was beautiful, making 2009 memorable. Another reason to remember 2009 is that tonnage, like in 2005, was "abundant," producing 25% more fruit than average.