Macauley Chardonnay Russian River Valley 2013

Macauley Chardonnay Russian River Valley 2013

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Kirk Venge


Napa Valley


17 months


March 25th, 2013



This is one impressive Zinfandel from what was a pretty trying vintage. I haven't tried one from 11 that I've liked more. The 2011 has all the caracteristics of a classic and I couldn't be prouder of ?how this wine has come around. At the start there is a mild heat to warm up with followed by hedonistic aromas candle vanilla, hints of clove,cola and warm cinnamon wafting in and around the nose of the glass. The palate delivers a soft entry with literally no bite anywhere ?throughout the experience. Sewn together with bright blackberry,raspberry and a touch of barrel roastiness, this wine delivers a weighty package of flavor. The flavors taper but not too soon. Countless seconds go by before this Zin is through with you...and then another sip! Before you know, a 750mL bottle becomes an absurdly small vessel to store and pour wine from. Zin has this affect upon thousands! A wine deserving of a rare steak,grilled game. Thanksgiving dinner or even a long overdue bonfire party.Drink now and enjoy to 2018 or beyond...and do not fear a few harmless and completely natural tartrates in the bottle if you so find them(aka. the flavor diamonds)